Becoming a member of TreeSisters is about more than giving to trees. It’s about stepping into your feminine leadership and relating to yourself and the world in a whole new way. By embracing our wild feminine nature, we move into our planetary role as a restorer species. We move from emergency into emergence. We breathe life into a future we are proud to give to our children and grandchildren.

The TreeSisters Manifesto

A set of values to guide us into balance with ourselves and nature


We seek out the wisdom, beauty, dignity and depth of every woman we meet; opening our hearts to each other in order to move beyond judgment, separation and comparison and choose sisterhood to discover the ‘more’ that we can be when we are together


We deepen our connection to the natural world as the root of our own nature and knowing so that we can learn to feel and follow the wisdom, flows and cycles of our instinctual body as teacher and guide


We choose to live in ways that honour and restore the sacredness of all life through the choices we make and actions we take; we are restorers and protectors of the global forests


We rise to discover all that we can be and create in response to the call for our emergence into a restorer species; we serve life by finding ways to offer our gifts and risk shining our light as a celebration of being alive


We are awake to the world, willing to face reality as it is, seeking truth with humility and listening for the clearest knowing within our hearts and souls for how and who we can be on behalf of life

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