Thank you for answering the call to sisterhood. On this page you can discover all

the resources available for you to seed and grow your Grove.


A warm welcome from Jenny Smith, our Grove Mama

When sleeping women wake,

Mountains will move

~ Chinese proverb


Initiation into the global network of TreeSisters: a short journey that will guide you into the heart of the TreeSisters ethos and collective energy of our global sisterhood of Groves

Grandmother Tree: Receive the wisdom of trees into your Grove

Seeding your Grove: Visioning process to determine what the content and structure of your Grove will be

Groves Pledge: The TreeSisters values that we’re inviting you into

Your Groves GuidesProcesses to guide you through starting and growing your Grove (Welcome Guide, Sistering Guide, and Gift Guide)

We also have a variety of offerings following these initial steps, including practical support for Creating Space and Calling in your Grove Women, and a variety of other invitations such as Ongoing Support, Go Deeper, Share Yourself, Give and Additional Resources.

Follow your heart

to the steps that feel right for you.

You don’t have to do everything, just do what you feel called to. Your Grove is yours to create and love into being. Remember that a Grove is an expression of an ‘in-breath’ and ‘out breath’ (nurture and action) so that we can find ways of serving nature out of a profound experience of nurturing our own feminine nature first.

Image credit: Ana Castilho