Ways to Give to Us

What we love and feel most connected to, we will protect. Humanity and nature are indivisible, and yet we have normalized a state of disconnection that perpetuates the consumption of our life support system. Reconnection is a homecoming that could save us.

When two million of us are giving monthly to trees in the tropics, we’ll be planting a billion trees a year. Imagine what a billion trees looks like – and what two million of us standing together in sisterhood will feel like. Breathe this in. This is the dream we are holding. And we want you to be part of it!

We currently have over 2000 monthly members (treesisters) who are committed to the protection and restoration of Life.

They are collectively planting over one million trees a year in the tropics.

We have planting projects in Madagascar, Brazil, Kenya, India, Nepal, and Cameroon.

These projects are impacting land and lives in amazing ways, including helping men and women out of indentured slavery, restoring vital groundwater, protecting critically endangered animals, empowering and educating women, and more.

To learn more about our impacts, please go here to see our latest reports.

Our next milestone is to go from a million trees a year to a billion trees a year.

Our Unique Approach

TreeSisters is a twin tree – part feminine empowerment and part reforestation. Why? Because we believe that we cannot restore the health and vitality of the planet without considering the human behaviours that are destroying it in the first place. If we could be doing better than we are in facing climate change, we would be. Something deeper is needed, which is why we’re seeding a new possibility and world view for humanity through both inner and outer transformation.

By growing our grassroots network of women who are loyal to preserving and restoring Life, we are in turn growing the movement and the world’s forests. This is the kind of radical, paradigm shifting change we need to change the fate of our world.

How Your Money is Spent

In our 2016/2017 financial year ending March 2017, TreeSisters raised £371k and spent £355k. We spent 83% on our charitable activities of Reforestation and Consciousness Change, 13% on fundraising and 4% on support activities.

“Becoming a treesister has been a miracle of deeper connections for me. This has involved connecting with other amazing women, with the wisdom of the trees, with my own body and my ancient roots… and the journey continues still. In this global circle of sisterhood I am finding more and more courage and ways to reach our Mother Earth, who so much needs our love these days.”

~ ReetaMaria Palomaki, treesister and volunteer, Finland

“TreeSisters teachings about Feminine Nature Based Leadership / being a Restorer Species confirmed and inspired me to believe in our power to change the tide and begin a new path forward.”

~ Ruth Ford, treesister, Hitchin UK

“The money we receive from planting trees is promoting our families. We are not all that poor anymore and we have improved our living standard… Women never surrender. Even if there’s money or not, the fact remains that we are here to plant trees for the benefit of all.”

~ Amastacia Mjoki Mjagi, tree planter, Mt Kenya

“I love the Standing Ones, and right now, the western forests are on fire. We need to restore them. They are our breath, as we are theirs. A truly symbiotic relationship. As I sit here in the smoke from the wildfires, I realize what it’s like to be oxygen depleted. Once the fires are out, we’re going to have a much higher carbon dioxide level, and less oxygen. We need to replant right away.”

~ Robin Youngblood, treesister, Arlington USA