A short journey that will guide you into the heart

of the TreeSisters ethos and collective energy of our global sisterhood of Groves




TreeSisters is a twin tree – part feminine empowerment and part reforestation. We are a grassroots global network who share the longing to become a Force of Nature on Behalf of Nature.

TreeSisters are women whose hearts say YES to Life because we value Nature and can feel the feminine rising. We know that all of us are needed to step into our leadership and listen to the ways that Nature is calling us.

As a welcome, we’ve created a guided initiation so that you can feel yourself within this circle of sisterhood and planetary change. TreeSisters founder Clare Dubois invites us to feel how deeply we belong to each other and Nature herself.

Get comfortable somewhere that you won’t be interrupted!

(You may want your journal to hand…)