Facebook is a great place for ongoing connection, learning and support. It’s also great for keeping your Grove updated with upcoming events! Many of our Grove Tenders are already using Closed Facebook Groups as an integral part of their community.


1. In Facebook, look at the menu at the top of the page and click the arrow on the very right hand side:

2. Click the arrow, and in the drop down select ‘Create Group’. This box will appear:

3. If you’re creating an open Grove, make sure you use “TreeSisters Grove” at the beginning of the group name. For example: “TreeSisters Grove: Clare’s Full Moon Grove”. This way, others can easily find you and know that you’re hosting a TreeSisters Grove.

4. Don’t forget to invite your friends!

5. If you’re creating an open Grove it’s also important that you make the group Open or Closed and not Private. This way, others can find you and request to join your group.

6. Once you’ve set the group up, you can add a description and photos to help orientate the women who are joining.

7. You may even want to post our Groves Initiation Experience and Groves Pledge onto the page and pin it to the top, inviting women to listen to it when they join and share a little bit about why they decided to join your group!