As women we are most powerful when we join hands with each other. Finding our place, discovering that we belong, and leaning into sisterhood with like-minded women who share our values and dreams allows us to discover and express our most authentic selves. In togetherness we can do anything.



A circle of women who gather together to nurture themselves deeply and find gloriously enjoyable ways to give their gifts and take action on behalf of Nature.

A nurturing, safe space to explore your in breath and out breath – your balance of being and doing.

A birthing circle of limitless possibility, an expression of your heart, a sacred pool of co-creativity, a source of deep encouragement, exploration, personal and collective discovery. An invitation to ignite your passion into action.

A Grove is a women’s circle, a place where you can relax into wholeness and feel how your gifts want to be expressed in the world. It’s a birthing circle, a place to connect with like-minded women, where we can take responsibility for the care of ourselves and the Earth in community.


At its best, sisterhood nurtures us to step into leadership so we can take action about the things that really matter. Nature is calling for us to listen to Her deeply and with an open heart, so we activate our passion for protecting and preserving Life. Together, arm in arm, we can become a force of Nature on behalf of Nature.

If you’d like to step into sisterhood, you can join the Nest Grove group and connect with other sisters who may already have or are looking to start a group in their area. Join us at


More than ever, Nature is calling for us to step into leadership and share our gifts on behalf of life. She needs us as much as we need Her.

That’s why we are calling women like you to step into your feminine nature based leadership and create a Grove that aligns with your unique passions and gifts. This is a beautiful opportunity to connect with like minded women, and a new kind of leadership that can serve the needs of your local environment.