‘It’s time to feel fully alive. It’s time for our gifts and our power to be let loose with love on behalf of all we cherish. It’s time to say yes to ourselves.’

Women stand at the greatest gateway of self liberation right now. The discovery of what we really are and what we are capable sits completely within our own hands and hearts. May we leave no stone unturned until we have let loose the tides and undamned the rivers of ourselves completely.

In our world gone crazy, it’s time for woman and feminine leadership to be let loose. We’re needed. The Feminine is wildly powerful and the experiment of Her negation can be over if we choose it to be. To do that we need to make friends with our power and this we can do, together.

The Courage to Shine is a first of its kind virtual 21 day process and offering of perspectives, tools, experiences and personal processes designed to accelerate your path ’home’ to your power.

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