Prayers for the Forests



Where trees breathe

New life is born

Where each branch reaches out to me

I know myself held in the arms

of purest generosity

Where the leaves fall

I am blessed with a giving back

that nourishes the roots of my soul

For the trees reflect who and how I can be

Standing tall, true, honest and undeniably me

Unafraid to love, to give, to share and to bend

So I bless the forests

As I learn from them


~ by Clare Dubois



 Prayer for the Forests Meditation

In this meditative journey we will consciously merge with the living intelligence of the forest floor. We will become the root system of the forest, weaving our roots together, trusting energetically that we can open to the combined consciousness of all the women gathered in the circle.

In this togetherness, we will listen for our prayer for the forests of the world. We will visualise it’s full manifestation, and in doing so, we will consciously call forth and invoke a movement for the forests and the feminine and see it rolling through the mountains, rivers and oceans, rippling as a huge wave of love for the planet.

What becomes possible when millions of women remember who and what we really are – and then direct that collectively towards the greening of our world?

We want to find out.

What’s your prayer for the forests?

On this Map of Dreams you can pinpoint your personal location on the planet we all love, along with our hopes, prayers and dreams for the trees and forests. When you plot yourself and your highest intention for the forests, you add your thread of love and commitment to the tapestry of possibility that we are collectively calling forth. Intention underpins everything; what we seed here can become a reality if we all contribute our energy to it, together.

TreeSister Prayers

“I dream that the earth will be green again and the trees will allow us to see that we can live within nature but never without it.” ~ Liza, Australia


“With great reverence and love of mother nature; we connect, embrace and trust the unfolding of a new song and dance this dream into a beautiful reality for all. May the forests and our hearts begin to sing.” ~ Louise, New Zealand


“In my garden trees and plants my ancestors planted, grow so willingly. They form the foundation, the base of my life. The root system is unique. Roots search and find any other roots. They get caught up and tangled into each other, and this unconditional cooperation is creating our solid ground. It’s brilliant. I am a student. I learn from the soil and the plants as with its intelligence, receptivity and readiness allows all living species to be allowed to take root, grow and heal. I want to grow along with, and in respect for these genius principles. My intention is to share the insights I receive from working with trees, seeds, soil and soul. I am a thankful and proud treesister.” ~ Anne Kathrine Solbakken, Norway


“Last year I had a call from the agricultural area that i was outrenting. it asked me not to be made subject to poison anymore, and I listened… This year, I gave up the revenue, started an agroforestry project on 90 acres. Last month, we planted the walnut and elderberries (a healer plant). We are so happy to be rewilding and starting to restore another piece of land.” ~ Melike Muezzinoglu, Turkey


“My dream is that in the country where I live the trees will get the opportunity to become a forest again, to connect. That the people that live here respect the trees, and be grateful for what they do for us. To take care of these precious fellow earthlings.” ~ Diana van Trijffel-Pak, Netherlands


“For all women to become conscious of their power and for the re-greening of the Earth to tip over into the mainstream.” ~ Elaine, UK


“My dream is that Mother Earth can rebirth through our hands, our hearts and work. We, women of all around the world, can do it. We can help our Mother to live again, and again…” ~ Laura Violet, Italy


“Nature is medicine. Go outside. Go ahead, make a commitment to her. She will nourish you, she will ground you, she will hold you and all of your visions. Connect and feel the earth below you, the sky above you, and the fire within.” ~ Melissa, USA