Member Gifts

Reinstating the Feminine

A fully guided, movement based journey of self discovery into relationship with six aspects of your own nature.

If you want a serious alignment experience, a fast track into a different perception of yourself and the world, and a new perspective with which operate in your life, then this is for you. The intention of it is to help strengthen the intuitive muscles of feeling awareness that will help you to follow the wisdom of your own body into the most vibrant, alive and creative expression of yourself.

Moments to Nourish

Would you like a few moments to nourish you?

As a feminine response to the to-do list of life, Clare has created a nourishing and intimate journey for our members, so that you can bring simple perspectives and practices into your life that can have huge effects. These are super simple, bite sized moments of feminine wisdom and nature connection designed to nourish you and seed the TreeSisters ethos more deeply into your being. Each moment is a short audio of between 6 and 9 minutes each that you can listen to once, or use over and over again if it hits the right spot.

Seasonal Retreats

One of the gifts that we offer to our members are seasonal online retreats. These retreats are created as nourishing, nurturing pockets of self care time, as well as an opportunity to hear about what is happening within the organisation that you are supporting.

During these retreats the core TreeSisters team will host a call that offers you an embodied experience of the ethos and guiding principles within TreeSisters.

Image credit: Debra Bernier