Interviews with the TreeSisters team



Wild One

I feel you,

As the dawn breaks

And the false floor and tight smile

Give way to grit, grief and remembering,

That deep, fluid, undulating pulse,

That nectar heart, that moist knowing,

That sweet longing and clarity so bright

They blind you to that safe known shape

And memory,

Of appropriate ‘She’


Wild One

I need you,

Ready to shed your fear and thrive,

Ready to feel incandescently alive

Uncensored majesty of womankind

Embodying the grace of the sensually sublime

Receiver of nature’s subtle melodies

Vivid, ageless, honest and free

I stand for you, and you stand for me

The redefined expression

Of appropriate ‘She’


Clare Dubois


imagesWhen Feminine Nature Takes Over: The Shakti Summit

Clare’s interview in the 2016 Shakti Summit, “When Feminine Nature Takes Over” is easily the edgiest, most risky, out there and most personal interview she’s ever done. She speaks about things she’s never spoken about in public before:

~ The eroticism of nature

~ How to undam(n) our inner rivers and re-wild ourselves

~ The dance of feminine/masculine sexuality and how it relates to climate change

~ Elements of her own childhood and how it launched her on the path of TreeSisters

“I’ve cried, laughed, howled and cried some more. I want EVERYONE to listen to this. Sharing…” ~ Sandra, USA

“Tears streaming down my face…listening had me up and dancing…I’ve never had this sort of a response to an interview before!” ~ Jenny, UK




Feminine Nature Based Leadership

In this inspiring presentation, TreeSisters CEO Amrita shares the critical states of the world’s forests and how we can take action today to help to re-robe our planet in green. She offers a powerful practice to connect with your deepest longings for the earth, to fuel your sacred activism for the planet. Prepare to be galvanised and uplifted.


imagesThe Women’s Wellness Council:

Heal Chronic Illness The Feminine Way

In this intimate, honest and tender interview for The Women’s Wellness Council, Clare explores how we can harness the medicine of conscious sisterhood to heal our bodies. She dives into an honest and penetrating exploration of how to heal the collective feminine shadow that can arise when women gather, so that we can step into a space of ‘Sistering’ each other – seeing the fullest, truest version of each other. She shares about her own story as a survivor of abuse and her ongoing healing journey from auto-immune illness, as well as why the world needs healthy, connected women right now to reinstate the feminine at the heart of life, for the benefit of all.


imagesRe-wilding Ourselves Part One

Falling in Love with the Earth

Described by Interviewer Debs Ozarko as one of her most paradigm shifting Interviews – and by Clare as one of the most in depth and intense she had ever done, you may want to settle in with a good cup of something warm and let this infuse you.




Re-wilding Ourselves Part Two

Reclaiming our Feminine Nature to Restore the World

Described by Interviewer Debs Ozarko as one of her most paradigm shifting Interviews – and by Clare as one of the most in depth and intense she had ever done, you may want to settle in with a good cup of something warm and let this infuse you.




Return of Feminine Nature

This is one of Clare’s most impassioned interviews. If you want to listen to something that will inspire and awaken, then we invite you to tune in and really enjoy this. Better still, listen and then share it with your friends. It’s a good one.

Oh my goodness – what a journey. I feel like I’ve just stepped into another version of reality! Thank you Clare!’”~ Grace, France



Why The World Needs TreeSisters

In this interview, as part of Natasha Milne’s podcast series (My Home Planet) Clare talks about everything from her tricky childhood to playing mother earth while hating ritual theatre. She talks about moving from a place of fear into one of empowerment, and why women are the key to the climate change crisis. And she shares how a car crash literally drove her to mobilise women from all over the world-to manifest a crowd-funding campaign which directs the brilliance, creativity and generosity of all women towards the reforestation of the tropics.



How TreeSisters was Born

with an embodied journey through the Map of Five Choices

Clare shares the story of how a car crash turned her life upside down & kick started TreeSisters. She then leads an experiential journey of self discovery through a map of your own body that can help to show you what you need to balance to feel inspired.

When you walk it, you will understand why we are in the ecological and spiritual crisis that we are in, and what needs to be done to move into a new human identity that powerfully reclaims the feminine.



Thank you so much for exploring these interviews.

We hope they wove you into deeper connection with yourself, with your sisters and with the natural world that lives and breathes us all.

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