Inner Journey of Awakening

Unleash your creativity, generosity, and brilliance on behalf of Nature

“There are no words to describe how powerful this is... how empowering it is. And to know that I am a part of creating this web of interconnected roots of forest floor that supports and empowers others... unendingly beautiful!!” 


Are you ready to join hands in sisterhood and feel powerful and hopeful in the face of climate change?


It’s time to come together to rise and restore this beautiful world that we love.

When you join us on this empowering journey to full embodiment of your gifts, you are stepping into an ongoing program designed to unleash feminine energies in service to self, life and planet. 

This journey is virtual, free and ongoing. You can join at any time and discover yourself in a supportive sisterhood that will bring you into your fullness and your gifts.

“The Inner Journey is powerful and really does allow and facilitate a paradigm shift in consciousness, an awakening of the deep feminine and a soul activation of what it is to be truly human, completely connected to and part of life.”  


What You'll Receive

At the heart of this journey is an embodied experience that is designed to help us shift from what we are calling a consumer species to a restorer species – an evolution of humanity that helps restore all aspects of Nature.

You will be invited into a nurturing, intimate global sisterhood on Facebook who will support you, encourage you and celebrate your unique brilliance.

You will be able to access our live monthly meditations at full moon. These powerful online calls are nourishment for your whole system and are run by our founder, Clare Dubois, who also offers ongoing teachings and Q&A support throughout the journey.

You will have access to a wisdom bank of recordings that include interviews with extraordinary, empowered women from around the world. The wisdom bank also includes potent tools and video teachings to deepen and enrich your experience.

Will you join us in treesisterhood for this transformational journey?

The Embodied Journey We're Taking Together

You'll have the opportunity to directly experience these transmissions in our monthly full moon gatherings, each following on from the next, as well as supportive tools and recordings in our wisdom bank to deepen your experience.  


Do you long to touch the truth of your own magnificence, access life’s limitless intelligence and redefine yourself and your humanity in terms of connection, reverence, and restoration so that you can leave a legacy that reflects your heart’s longing?

Here we prepare to let go of the shore of our old identity so that the river of life can teach us who and what we really are.

Join us live on June 27th to begin this journey with us.



Do you long for true togetherness, to be healed by unconditional acceptance and be invited to love, utterly, with nothing held back, so that you can discover what we can birth on this planet, through reverence and support of each other?

Here we prepare to move beyond judgment and separation to open to the universal human heart in its highest expression.

You will be invited to join us live for our full moon gathering in July.



Do you long to experience your indivisibility from Nature, liberate the fear and grief you hold in your body and undam your inner rivers so that you can experience intimacy with Nature as a gateway to your own power to create planetary change?

Here we merge with Nature as our greater body to reclaim the pure potency of life force through pleasure and grief to ignite our courage and creativity. 

You will be invited to join us live for our full moon gathering in August.



Do you long to take off your brakes, let go into your inner knowing, tap your connection to all life, root yourself in this truth and liberate yourself into sacred activism for the planet in ways that make sense to your heart?

Here we seek to unleash our love into action, alchemize internal chains into quantum leaps and activate our restorer consciousness and the appropriate response to restore our world.

You will be invited to join us live for our full moon gathering in September.



Do you long to blaze with passion and purpose and liberate yourself from playing small to dissolve the past, so that you can ride your own river, embody your uniqueness and thrive within the giving of gifts that bring you into your aliveness?

Here we dare to bow to our own life force and soul, trusting passion and purpose, alchemizing the fear of being seen, and living as permission and astonishing ourselves in the process.

You will be invited to join us live for our full moon gathering in October.  


Do you long to feel so connected, grounded, centered and anchored in yourself that you become your own living transmission of life force aligned with all that is, belonging to Earth, and embodying your natural state as Nature aware of itself?

Here we seek our return to wholeness, belonging to Mother Gaia, each other and ourselves, embodying the restorer consciousness as the compass for a future where all life thrives.

You will be invited to join us live for our full moon gathering in November.


Will you join us for this heart-opening, life-altering, hope-filled experience?

Bonus: Inner Journey Wisdom Bank

Wild Hope for a New Humanity

This interview series is a beautiful introduction to Inner Journey of Awakening, which you can enjoy at your own pace. The series features these incredible speakers and wisdom keepers:

Pat McCabe: Dine’ Navajo Grandmother, Artist, Activist and Ceremonial Leader Diana Beresford Kroeger: Author, Medical Biochemist, Botanist, One of World’s Leading Experts on Trees Sister Zeph: Teacher, Women’s Activist, and Philanthropist Elisabet Sahtouris: Internationally Known Evolution Biologist and Futurist Lynne Twist and Atossa Soltani: Author of The Soul Of Money and Co-Founder of The Pachamama Alliance, and Founder and Board President of Amazon Watch respectively.  

The Inner Journey of Awakening

If you want to deepen your experience into the Inner Journey itself, this interview series with these powerful changemakers is a wonderful resource. Along the way, we'll also gift you additional videos and tools from TreeSisters founder, Clare Dubois.

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Visionary, Social Innovator and Global Ambassador for Conscious Change Chameli Ardagh: Founder of the Awakening Women Institute Joanna Macy: Eco-philosopher, Activist and Scholar of Deep Ecology Jensine Larsen: Founder of World Pulse MILCK: Musician behind Women’s March Anthem “Quiet” Mona Polacca: Hopi / Tewa / Havasupai Elder and member of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Hosted by Clare Dubois: founder of  

What Women are Saying

“The Inner Journey has been a potent reminder of all that is truly important, and this process has so deftly brought me to a place where I know my truth, my value and my power, and the potential of being a woman. I feel supported to inhabit myself 100% and am so hopeful that all women may rise and shine. I feel hope for the world, and a determination to make it so.” 


“I have always been a Lorax, out of step with most of my reality. TreeSisters has helped me understand I am Not Alone. Oh I am so grateful for the solidarity.” 


"The Inner Journey is more than it appears...more than an international Circle of Women.....more than even the teachings we listen to....more than the stirring of the Heart in response to Sacred Ecology. It is an Initiation, a subtle quickening of the creates an Event Horizon of the Spirit where we end up walking through doorways of Self unsuspecting, unknowing. We merely "open" ourselves to the possibility and potential of fully embracing ourselves as Woman in this World."  


Come together in sisterhood with us:

Inside you, In the places where whispers carry Memories Where you hold your breath Turn away And believe yourself less, There is a truth. A truth as gentle as a melody, As limitless as the sky, As honest as a mountain lake, No push, no need to try, A truth that shimmers with the light of you, The bright of you The irrepressible delight of you, The take my breath away flight of you, The I will not go silently into the night of you, The 'Oh my God', just feel the might of you, The break me wide open sight of you, When at last you have embraced all of you, Accepted the day and night of you, The luminescent, spontaneous grace of you, I want you to know I'm in awe of you All of you, every microcosmic, wild orgasmic inch of you Every wild unfettered gesture of alive of you Thank you Thank you For you.

~ Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters  

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