You may already know exactly what you want your Grove to be and do. If however you have just arrived and would like the exploration part of your process to be juicy and deep, then we have two pathways for you to explore…


1. Journey with the TreeSisters Map: 40 minutes

A fully guided, embodied journey around the TreeSisters Map of 5 Choices that will support your body and heart to surface their longings and creativity ~ as well as meet and experience the soul of TreeSisters.

The Map of 5 Choices is a way of investigating 5 elements of your own wisdom and of your Groves potential. You will literally map out 5 places on the ground and move from one place to the next listening to a guided process and then writing stream of consciousness to allow for your own unchecked creative flow. Intrigued?

Clare introduces it in the video below, and then the audio guided process is below that. Grab your journal and enjoy!



Once you’ve watched the introduction video, you’re ready to dive into the audio practice. During the process you, will need to be able to press PAUSE on your device so you can stop to write. Make sure to have your journal close by!

Once you’ve watched the video, go here to listen to the audio practice:

2. Journey with the Moon Cycles: A month long, gently personal exploration that follows a moon cycle

Our energy, courage, creativity and intuition shifts and changes throughout a moon cycle whether we are still bleeding or not. For some women, there is profound benefit in holding an idea for a whole moon cycle so that all elements of themselves can be brought into the exploration process so that you can go deeply into the creation of the right foundations for yourself. If that is you, then we have an offering for you to explore here.