Processes to guide you through starting and growing your Grove.


Whether you have held hundreds of women’s circles or if this will be your first experience, this introductory Guidebook outlines everything you need to know about what a TreeSisters Grove is and what it means to be a Grove Tender alongside all the resources that are available to you along this journey.


Sistering is the root feminine practice within TreeSisters and the ground of our circle work. It is a powerful practice designed to call us into our most authentic and whole selves and deepest quality of relationship with each other. As women we can be extraordinarily powerful in sisterhood if we can learn to respect, encourage and honour ourselves and each other within a heart field of love and belonging.

In this guide, you will find examples of circle practices, guiding principles and ethos, ideas and tips for creating the safest and most potent sisterhood possible.


Within TreeSisters we call the receptive Feminine principle the ‘in-breath’ and the active Masculine principle the ‘out breath.’ Our inner Feminine feels how things are, so that our inner Masculine can know what to do. Another way of saying this is that the Feminine needs to come first for our actions to make sense in relation to the world we find ourselves in.

TreeSisters Groves are made up of a considered balance of in-breath receptive nurturing activities and out-breath care-taking actions so that through balancing ourselves we can bring balance to the outer world.