Receive the wisdom of trees into your Grove

Trees stand at the heart of all that we do at TreeSisters. Trees serve us in so many practical ways – shelter, warmth, shade, clean air, clean water, medicine, food – as well as many spiritual ways.

The Standing Ones are a source of wisdom, strength, and connection. When we feel ourselves as one with them, breathing life into one another, we open ourselves to the ancient ways that we women have received the Earth’s blessings, and how we can serve the Earth in return.

That’s why we would like to invite you to pick a tree to bring into your Grove – one that you can visit with the women in your circle, or listen to for guidance and pray for in return.

You may have tree in mind that would serve well as your Grove’s Grandmother Tree, or you may want to discover her in one of the Groves Seeding processes.

Once you’ve chosen your Grandmother tree, you may want to connect with her deeper. You can close your eyes, open your heart and body into this relationship, and listen to what she tells you. You can also ask what you can do to serve her and the Earth.

Here is a beautiful example of how a Grandmother Tree can serve you and your Grove…

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