Taking responsibility for climate change can feel so big and so heavy when we face it alone. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, angry, confused, and a deep sense of despair and separation. But when we open our hearts enough to reach out our arms and hold this sacred responsibility together, it suddenly feels like and joyful – even hopeful. That’s why the Groves are so important to this work of taking action – because it’s an opportunity to be in connection.


Being a TreeSister is a way of life. When we feel this deep in our bones, our lives naturally begin to change, in the choices that we make and the way that we decide to show up in the world. This behaviour changing work is core to the ignition of the reforestation revolution we stand for, and giving back to Nature as an expression of planetary care.

If you are looking for inspiration to start a Taking Action project, or want to change some of your every day life choices and behaviours, we have a variety of Taking Action blogs that can support you.



If you are unsure of what kind of out-breath activity you want to engage with, this exercise is for you…

This beautiful exercise created by Michael Dowd will help you to match what you love to do with what our world needs. It can be done as an individual, a pair or group enquiry, a one off, or a process that is revisited.

Choose a time when you are in a non-judgmental space, and let your attention rest into your heart, shifting away from thinking and towards noticing. Consider the questions about your greatest joy in step one; pause between each one and journal the words and phrases as inspiration comes. Pause every so often to notice your sensations, your breath, the sounds around you. Continue writing until you feel complete.



Fundraising is a wonderful way to come together in community and support the causes that matter most to you when it comes to restoring and protecting our planet. If you would like to channel your fundraising efforts towards TreeSisters, we have a promotional kit for you that might come in handy!

If there’s anything else that you need, please get in touch with us.

If you do host a fundraiser, we’d love to hear about it and see any photos that you capture! You can either let us know directly or write a post in the Groves Facebook page.


Can we pollinate glorious sisterhood, nature connection and radical generosity around the world? Yes we can!

Pollinator Parties are spontaneous and meaningful women’s gatherings hosted by TreeSisters who want to seed the invitation and beauty of TreeSisters in their local communities. They offer a personal and collective experience that any group of women may cultivate together to explore the gift of deepened sisterhood and nature based creativity as a root of inspired action. We have created a structure for you, along with several processes, videos and audios that will help you explore togetherness, creativity and your commitment to restoration that is the heart of Treesisterhood.

We invite you to host a Pollinator Party with a group of your sisters so that the whole experience can be one of mutual support, enjoyment, experimentation and fun! These are designed to be meaningful and to seed a genuine experience of the TreeSisters ethos into every woman present so that we can spread the beauty and the invitation together. The potential for creativity here is infinite.


In Dances for the Forest we offer our moving blessings, energy, gratitude and prayers for the forests, trees and nature we love. These dances work with any size group, small or large. You can even do them alone in your home or outside in nature! If you wish to facilitate a Dance for your community, please download our facilitation guide.

If you’ve never facilitated a dance before, we would also like to encourage you to listen to some of our TreeSisters Dance experiences with our Founder Clare Dubois:

Here is your facilitation guide: