Full Moon Online Retreats with Clare Dubois

The Letting Go Series

Every full moon TreeSisters’ Founder Clare Dubois guides a virtual circle of hundreds of women through deeply meditative journeys into togetherness. These free events are our an invitation to you, to embody all that you are as a woman of the Earth. In this four part full moon series, we will practice the art of letting go – and you are invited.

Embodying River, Sky and Earth

This series was a deep dropping into intimacy with earth, river and sky as personal explorations for all of us to take as part of our rewilding and rebirthing ourselves as nature beings, instead of walking heads! Each one is so different, as we take on the qualities and gifts of the elements we encounter. This was a strong set of calls that I am proud to share with you all.

The River Series

How would it be, to trust the intelligence of life so much, that we might actually stop trying to control, and instead, lean back consciously and let ourselves be carried?

A four part series designed to unleash and unlock all that you are as a Woman and as a Force of Nature.

This journey is a deep drop into the potency of collective focus and allowing for the more that we become together, to unleash and unlock all that we are as women and as forces of nature.

Keep Exploring

These recordings are from the Full Moon Retreats we have been hosting over the past two years. This is a selection of Clare’s favourites – we hope hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Thank you so much for exploring our full moon online retreats.

We hope they wove you into deeper connection with yourself, with your sisters and with the natural world that lives and breathes us all..

If you’d like to continue the journey, we invite you to join our circle of global sisterhood live each Full Moon. 
Our moon calls are an invitation to embody all that you are as a woman of the Earth. Gather with our global circle of sisterhood each full moon to relax into nurturing Nature connection together. Come join us…

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