Femmiversity Courses

Wild Iris in the Dark Forest: New Moon Series

with Edveeje Fairchild

Do you hear the summons hidden between your heartbeats? Do you feel the gentle touch of soul on your shoulder pulling you toward deeper dreams and wilder if onlys? If you didn’t have such an overwhelming schedule and had more free time, what parts of your ‘beingness’ or soul would you like to make more visible in your life?

A woman’s answers to these questions – and others like them – form the bedrock and core of what we call a woman’s “nature-based feminine leadership.” Like a woman, the beauty of a wild iris in the dark forest is in her being-ness not in her doing-ness. This deeper and wilder level of beingness is what I call soul. And soul is always summoning us to go deeper and to become more authentic.

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Reinstating the Feminine: 2 hour Retreat with Clare

Replenish Yourself Through a Body Based Journey Back into Balance

This is a fully guided, movement based journey of self discovery into relationship with six aspects of your own nature. It’s the deepest dive into the Map of 5 Choices that Clare has ever offered on-line, and gives you the direct opportunity of stepping into and relating from the inner masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. You are literally transforming your inner balance and awareness as you travel through this experience.

If you want a serious alignment experience, a fast track into a different perception of yourself and the world, and a new perspective with which operate in your life, then this is for you. The intention of it is to help strengthen the intuitive muscles of feeling awareness that will help you to follow the wisdom of your own body into the most vibrant, alive and creative expression of yourself.



A Wild Soul Woman with Mary Reynolds Thompson

Online six module self study course: Are you a wild soul woman?

A Wild Soul Woman is rooted, powerful, authentic, instinctual, and awake. She feels her oneness with the Earth, and the strength, sensuality, and creativity this kindles in her.

It is time to embody and express from your wild soul—the part of you that knows you are one with rivers, forests, and mountains. To break free of the fears and cages that hold you back. To experience yourself and Earth as the powerful, embodied Feminine.

This course is an invitation your wild soul has been waiting for.